Advertising And Childhood Obesity

Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing american children in past years. In sixty years much has changed, especially food in the United States and people just recognized that they eat poor quality food. Many health professionals uneasiness about unhealthy lifestyle of children that lead to childhood obesity. Significant role in child obesity play poor diets. Most children diet are pizza, desserts, hamburgers, and consume of vegetables, fruits, healthy oils are not for americans.Hamburger became integral part of american culture. Also huge role in this play fast food restaurants, particularly their aggressive marketing politics on children. They inculcate infants with their perfect commercial and actually are making decisions for them. …show more content…
Seventy percent of commercial in the United States is about fast food restaurants. Many of them add simple animations to make food fun and interesting. Animated Character appeared, for example, in vignettes resembling popular musical, science fiction, or animal movies. Commercial manipulate children very professional, as and example, McDonalds in past year created commercial with cartoon character about Happy Meal. In this commercial they were making popularization of milk in Happy Meal.They told that milk will give you more power and you can have fun with your new toy. But they forgot to say that Happy Meal with cola is one of most damaging meals for child …show more content…
Some fast food companies take participate in school programs, for example if you read certain amount of books, you can get coupon for free pizza and desert treats.In some schools fast food restaurants can provide food to high school events. All this make children unprotected against aggressive marketing politics of fast food industry.

After 20 years of aggressive marketing politics against children, government recognized that they must take control on this situation.At the same time fast food giants started a lot of food company initiatives.In the 2008 report. The Council of Better Business Bureaus created the «Children’s Food and beverage Advertising Initiative».This initiative was built around five Principles :
Decrease at lest 50% of child commercial on tv, radio, internet.
Reduce use of licensed third-party characters in

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