Hypocrisy: Make Money

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Make money. Advertisers and marketers have these two simple words printed on their brains during the work process, almost completely disregarding inner aspects of human interaction. This motive leads to an extremely dangerous result and causes people to comprise their morals and values while doing the same to those of others. This counterproductive spiral only leads downwards, as the need to pay bills consumes individuals and the entire regime takes advantage of people, but more specifically and unfairly, children.
The problem that lies within this situation is severely complex, but core human qualities lie at its base. In all walks of life, children are constantly seen mimicking the actions and feelings of their caregivers. This vulnerability
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Since children spend a massive amount of time in school, another huge opportunity arises for businesses, as children have no choice but to take in the advertisements that are presented, especially if worked into the curriculum or textbooks in some way. This highlights a blatant hypocrisy of our nation, as the importance of education and unbiased learning is constantly emphasized, but advertisers are able to infiltrate these supposed safe zones and influence the environment. As people make their way through the school system and get close to exiting it, many look back and detest how much of a business it is, instead of a confined space for growth. Children are rarely protected from targeted product advertising, and misinformation in textbooks could even be a part of this problem, as “the sale of ‘competitive’ foods (those from vending machines, fast food outlets, and school fundraisers that compete with cafeteria food), and corporate-sponsored educational materials” (Calvert 1). If outside entities have control over the knowledge presented to students through deals with school systems to only use their products as learning tools, it is extremely easy for these parties to slant their information in an effort to get children leaning a certain way, especially with younger students. The frightening aspect is these companies are …show more content…
Even during the developmental stages of life, when people are trying to find themselves and are beginning to realize what the world around them consists of, they are bombarded with companies exploiting their vulnerability. Despite pushes for more regulation, “advertising to children continued to grow rapidly. Television commercials became the number one way advertisers reached children as Saturday morning cartoons exploded in popularity and cable station Nickelodeon launched in 1979” (“Look Boys and Girls!” 1). It is clearly shown that ethics are not extremely important for advertisers, as they purposely target childrens’ shows, understanding that young minds are mainly focused on the show and will not realize what messages are being communicated to them through the commercials, providing advertisers with an opportunity to push a message on them that may subconsciously stick, while the children are unable to decipher the deception. This simple human injustice is commonly dismissed because of how prevalent media conglomerates have made this practice within our world. Many fail to question this problem despite it being an operation that shapes children and how they think before they have the knowledge or sense to realize what is molding them. This makes it enormously challenging for people to dig themselves out of this hole

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