Significance Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The history of African American culture is very significant to the United States and the rest of the world. African American’s have a unique history because no other race has gone through as much back lash and adversity. Perhaps the most unique part about the history of African Americans is the civil rights movement. The Civil rights movement changed the landscape of the world and how everybody viewed racism. The reason why is because so much of it was going on in the southern part of the United States. The southern part of the United States during the civil rights movement had the most ignorance and racism the world had ever seen. During the civil rights movement, a particular group called the NAACP was very active. The NAACP was active …show more content…
There were people that would not give up their seats on the bus before Rosa Parks, but they were not in the NAACP. Rosa Parks was secretary of the Montgomery Chapter of the NCAAP. The other black that would not give up their seats were not a part of the NAACP. This played a factor because without a member of the Famous NAACP to do a bus boycott, then they would never get any publicity. However, they were meet with a massive force of white resistance. White resistance had a huge part to play in the civil rights movement because that’s where the majority of black people’s hatred came …show more content…
At the time doing a dead such as that to a white woman was a crime in the eyes of white men. Till said those exact words and few days later Bryant’s husband and brother in law kidnapped Emmett Till inside his home at gunpoint. They beat and tortured till until nobody could hardly recognize him. They also shot him in the head because there was a bullet wound found in his skull. His body was found in the Tallahatchie rive and despite having a lot of evidence against them, Bryant’s husband and brother were not convicted of wrong doing.
Later Emmett Till’s Killers Bragged about beating their case in Look magazine. This goes to show that justice in the south for black people at the time was none existent. The justice system was little to none existent in the south for blacks. After the murder of Emmett Till, his mother displayed his body in an open casket in Chicago. When people saw the badly beaten body of Till thousands of people dedicated themselves for fighting injustice in America especially in the South. Blacks decided that revolution needed to happen in the south so the rest of America would

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