Significance Of The Boston Massacre

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One of the most known events in history to happen in Boston . The only event ever to happen like this. The one historical event that earned the title of the incident on king street named by the British personally. The one event where British soldiers were ready too fire and attack while the opposing side the colonists, were prepared to strike and defend their beloved town and keep it the way they intended to have it from the veary begining. The event where you would be terrified imagine it happening in front of you, but. So Today we’re going to be going into a historic event to see what sparked it all , what happened during the Boston Massacre? And what was the aftermath of the event? Today we’re taking a look back in history To Learn about , The Boston Massacre. …show more content…
Riots and protest all around town were getting more and more common , the colonist would attack tax officials and their place of business, violently burning and breaking things leaving nothing untouched, causing the british soldiers to be placed everywhere around town, eventually to the point we’re you would see a soldier in front of every important building, and you would not be allowed to enter in large groups unless you we’re going to have a trial in front of a judge, or if you were going to

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