Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

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Study of Sigmund Freud
Alexandria Bartels
Front Range Community College

Introduction Sigmund Freud was an Austrian physician whose main study and focus was on psychoanalysis. Before the twentieth century, psychologist’s main focus was the study of the conscious mind. For example, William Wundt the father of experimental psychology studied and experimented on conscious experiences. As the twentieth century approached, many changes to conscious actions such as functionalism and structuralism came about. Freud began experimenting with the idea that we behave the way we do sometimes because of the unconscious mind or from maybe from what is “hidden from [a] person’s conscious awareness” (Hockenbury, 2014). Some of Freud’s theories developed through the time spent with his patient’s one on one. He believed that what was going on in someone’s unconscious mind immediately affected their behavior. For example, a situation that happened in the past directly shapes that individual’s adult personality. He also believed that psychological disorders resulted when “unconscious conflicts became extreme” (Hockenbury, 2014) His goal with psychoanalysis was to better understand psychological disorders by finding a correlation between the conscious and the unconscious. He wanted to find a treatment or in other words create a therapy for psychoneurosis. Freud’s ideas, theories and therapies are used throughout the mental health field to this day. Sigmund Freud’s fundamentals…

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