David Myer's Theory Of Personality Essay

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Defined by the differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, personality is as unique as a fingerprint. It is what differentiates us from other human beings and forms a person as a whole (“Personality”). Chapter 13 of David Myer’s Psychology focuses on personality and discusses its associated theories – the psychodynamic, humanistic, trait, and social-cognitive theories – as well as today’s research on one’s self.
Sigmund Freud, an Austrian doctor of medicine, first touched the subject of psychology when he treated patients with disorders that didn’t have a neurological background. Determined to find the causes of said disorders, Freud set out and laid the foundations for today’s psychology. Born and raised in
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Much like the nature nurture issue, this theory relies on observation, conditioning, and interaction with our surroundings. According to Bandura’s reciprocal determinism, behavior, internal cognition, and environment all affect each other, finally defining our personality. In addition, the social-cognitive theory places emphasis on personal control.
People who believe that they control their own destiny (internal locus of control) achieve more and enjoy better health. Based on this information, control, including self-control, enhances our life quality. People with a lot of self-control generally feel in charge, which keeps them focused and empowered. Luckily, self-control and willpower can be learned, but it requires a lot of energy. Starting a diet or quitting smoking sometimes seems overwhelming, but many people succeeded, even though they lacked self-control at the beginning.
In contrast, feeling helpless due to traumatic events makes us feel hopeless and depressed. People who are forced into losing control suffer an unworthy life compared to those who are free. Yet, too much freedom can decrease life satisfaction. Given too many choices, the information overload becomes unbearable and stress or anxiety takes

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