Comparison: The French Revolution And Napoleon

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French revolution
The French Revolution occured in France while Napoleon was in Corsica. The people took over the country by revolting against the Franch king and took control of the country. The royal family and many aristocrats were killed. When Napoleon returned, he allid himself with revolutionaries gropu called the Jacobins. He received a position as the artillery commander at the Siege of Toulon in 1793. The city of Toulon was occupied by British troops and the British navy had control over the port. Napoleon came up with a strategy that helped to defeat the British and force them out of the port. By leaders of France they recgonized his military leadership and he was promoted to the position of brigadier general at very
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The battle was fought on August 1, 1798, and resulted in a key victory for British Admiral Horatio Nelson. Napoleon’s plan was not only to invade Egypt but also barricade the British trade routes which linked to India and by so doing, loosen the power of Britain in India. The battle was fought a few hours until nightfall, and the British naval force maneuvered around the French line of battle and the fight ensued. The victory was key for the British as they regained Malta from the French and secured control of the …show more content…
The Spanish were able to successfully defend their unarmed cities despite them being inferior to the French army at the time. At first, Napoleon had thought of the current uprisings as small and hidden. But he learned later after dispatching killing a number of flying columns that the uprising was much more widespread than initially thought. The second siege of Saragossa was an epic struggle which motivated the Spanish resistance against the French during the Peninsular war. This was after irregular Spanish troops that had succeded to defended their city from the French. As a result, Napoleon launched his campaign in Spain and the army that had retracted to the Ebro during the first siege headed to the north eastern corner of Spain where they successfully fought the battle of Tudela and a second siege was unavoidable.

8. Battle of Roliça (August of 1808)

The Battle of Rolica was an engagement between an Anglo-Portuguese army against the French army near a Portuguese village called Rolica. The battle was fought on August 17, 1808, under the command of Arthur Wellesley for the allied British and Portuguese forces who defeated the French army under General Henrii Delaborde. The battle was significant since it was the first war fought by the British army during the war of British Peninsula . The French retreated after they

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