Relationship Between Napoleon Bonaparte And The French Revolution

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Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Revolution “Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles that direct them.”-Napoleon Bonaparte
This quote was said by Napoleon after he got into power on November 9 1799. Before this event France was under major debt and the economy was failing. When the King tried to fix it he brought violence and riots to France. France needed a new ruler with a new purpose to get out of the debt that France was in. During the end of the French revolution Napoleon emerged a strong willed leader. Napoleon took leadership by establishing himself as first consul, making him in the government for life. When he got into power
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The woman to whom this happened caused an uproar and called her neighbors. The people gathered, furious with bakers in general. Soon their numbers reached eighteen hundred, and they looted all the bakers ' houses in the Faubourg from top to bottom, throwing dough and flour into the gutter. Some also profited from the occasion by stealing silver and silverware. The guards, who are at the city gates during the day, arrived but were driven back by a shower of rocks. They had the presence of mind to close the three gates of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine. They sent for a mounted patrol, which forced its way with swords into the midst of the crowd and fired three shots, leading to a general dispersal.”- (Barbier, 1)
The Bread Riots were a great example on one of the causes of the French Revolution. This was one a the reasons France needed a leader like Napoleon to keep the system fair and non-corrupt. After these events Napoleon rose up and took control of
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It is very similar to several around the world. These places include the United States, and Europe. The European System of Central Banks was created in 1998. It was very similar to the Bank of France and instead of Francs as the Euros were the new currency created. Napoleons greatest thing he left behind was the Centralized government. IT allowed the Government and its officials to have more power over the taxes, and the efficiency of the Social welfare programs such as SSN or Social Security Number used in the United States. This program was a good example of his legacy being left

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