Shrm : Fit Approach, Universalist Approach and Resource Based Approach

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Indeed the Universalist approach appears as the best way of managing human resources in companies because of the high commitment in both ways which means high output in a rewarding and serene work environment. The human aspect of the employee is taken into account and plays a major role to achieve the objectives of the strategy. Moreover the Universalist approach is promoting strategic integration which guarantees a daily managerial guideline. Flexibility is another point stated in this approach asking for employees to have multiskills and be adaptable to different tasks. Finally Quality would result of the added value by employees who perform product or service of quality. By combining and achieving these objectives it would be possible to optimize the human resources while avoiding the problems processed by Guest in 1989 “all (cf goals) need to create the desired organizational outcomes, which are high job performance problem solving ,change, innovation and cost innovativeness , and low employee turnover, absence and grievance”. However, this theory appears to be utopian. Indeed, it suffers from some inconsistencies and lack of reality. The Universalist theory and human resources management in general are not an exact science. In fact this approach appears as a unique best way in order to access a successful SHRM. This approach does not take

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