Show Choir Essay

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Show Choir
Learning Design

Project Title: Show Choir
Developer(s): Amy Hanson
Development Date: 06/15/1998
Revised By: Amy Hanson
Revision Date: 10/19/1998
Organization: Shawano-Gresham School District
Department: music
Instructional Area: Music & Arts
Instructional Level: 6-8
Total Credits: 0

Target Population
6th-8th grade students

Course Description
Show Choir is an elective class that integrates choreography into the choral experience. A varied repertoire of 2 and 3 part music is memorized, choreographed and then performed in a concert setting. Vocal technique, developing the ensemble and dance are the main emphasis of this class. Various
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Develop individual vocal technique, ensemble skills and dance
3. Demonstrate creativity in music
4. Demonstrate music literacy
5. Create a knowledge of musical theatre
6. Cultivate relationships between music and other disciplines
7. Promote community involvement through performance
8. Investigate musical careers and life applications

1. Develop a repertoire of 2 and 3 part vocal music

Properties Domain: Cognitive Level: Synthesis Difficulty: Low Importance: Essential

Linked Core Abilities Make informed choices based on global connections due to the interdependence of the world Utilize informational resources for life-long learning Communicate effectively through speaking and writing in all areas

Criteria - Criteria - Performance will be satisfactory when: o learner sings a variety of 2 and 3 part songs

Conditions for Assessment - Competence will be demonstrated: o teacher observation o concert performances

Learning Objectives a. Distinguish between 2 and 3 parts Procedure b. Sing both melody and harmony parts Procedure c. Sing music representing diverse cultures and genres of music Process

2. Enhance individual vocal development

Properties Domain: Cognitive Level: Synthesis Difficulty: Medium Importance: Essential


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