Shouldice Hospital Analysis Essay

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How does Shouldice offer a superior value proposition relative to its customers, remain successful, and balance low cost with high quality?

Data Summary

Benefits purchased by the consumer:
Shouldice Value Proposition
• Early ambulation following surgery o Use of local anesthetic o Nature of procedure
• Design of facility o 130 acres o 17,000 square feet o 89 beds
• Dr. Casim Degani, internationally recognized authority
• Specialized procedure
• Patients administered anesthetic in operating room
• Upon completion of operation: patients are fully aware of what is going on
• Counseling activities
• Atmosphere
• Experienced staff

Shouldice way compared to other hospitals
• Recovery o Practically cut in half
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• To further add to the delivery of their value proposition, Shouldice Hospital’s service process is unique in its own right. From being kind enough to wake patients in the same room for surgery within minutes (a procedure I have never seen another hospital perform) to almost immediately after surgery administering counseling activities. When patients arrive at the facility, they are immediately able to mingle with other patients who had their operation on that same day. This is a psychological procedure to make the patients feel comfortable about their operation, again, not a practice that is done by other hospitals. A simple blueprint of their production process is attached to this essay to further demonstrate their unique service delivery. The service delivery far exceeds the expectations of patients and perfectly matches their value proposition.

Five Dimensions of Service Quality
• Reliability: Delivery on Promises o Reliability is defined as the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Throughout this paper I have stated how Shouldice Hospital is living up to their service value proposition in many different dimensions. Shouldice maintains promises made with regards to pricing, delivery, and problem resolution. They are always on the same schedule Monday through Friday, and make careful diagnoses from the start.
• Responsiveness: Being Willing to Help o Responsiveness is the willingness to help customers and to provide

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