Essay about Shouldice Hospital : A Hospital

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Shouldice Hospital was founded in the year 1945 in Ontario Canada by Doctor Edward Shouldice. This hospital was best known for its hernia surgeries, which were started by Dr. Shouldice for individuals not able to join the army. Because the surgeries were so well done, word started spreading about Dr. Shouldice and his hernia surgeries which brought in more patients. The doctor then opened up Shouldice Hospital, a special healthcare setting that made patients feel comfortable and at home.
Shouldice Hospital allows for walk-in patients on the days Monday through Friday, which is convenient for the patients. Many individuals value their time and dread the process of waiting long periods of time to be able to meet with their primary care provider, or a health care professional in an emergency room. An individual may have an ailment that they need to be examined right away, but often have to wait for a time when they can schedule an appointment. The service at Shouldice Hospital allows for little to no wait time because patients can walk in at any time during the Monday to Friday hours. This service is allowed for individuals within a 60 mile radius of the hospital. For those individuals not within the radius, a medical form can be filled out and they can schedule an appointment (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011). Another different service that is provided at Shouldice Hospital is the operating method. The method in the procedure does not use synthetic screens and meshes unless damaged…

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