Essay Should Zoos And Aquariums Be Beneficial?

2588 Words Nov 6th, 2016 11 Pages
Everything have two sides, the bad and the good at the same time. How we determine the thing, whether bad or good is depends on our appreciation among the thing. To mention an example, the geometrical shape cylinder is 3 dimensional shape. Therefore, if we take cylinder into 2 dimensional space, it could be circle from the above or triangle from the side. Appearance of the shape is just depends on which side we are going to see from. The same result will work on this essay. Keeping animals in zoos and aquariums could be seen as positive also could be seen as negative. I consider traditional zoos as not appropriate and not useful. In my view, conventional zoos have 75% negative effect and 25% positive effect toward animals. Therefore, I would like to create new kind of zoo, which is suitable for animals and good for humans also, has 80% positive effect and 20% negative effect toward animals.
It has been long since humanity first domesticated animals, but if we compare a span of human existence on this planet, to a span of animal domestication, animal domestication is merely came in the last several minutes of human existence on this planet. At the first point of domestication, we were in a relationship with wolves in order to hunt together and wolves increased human chance to hunt more animals also chance to hunt bigger animals. Moreover, we otherwise humans became a reliable food supply for wolves and reliable hunting partners. By the age passes, humans started to…

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