Should You Be A Pharmacist? Essay

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1.Do you want to be a Pharmacist? After you do research, and talk to the real people you might have different thoughts.I’ve been interested in pursuing my dream of become a pharmacist for about three years now. It started when I talked to Gregg Cea when we were hunting. After I talked to him I 've just always wanted to become one. First to become a pharmacist, you have to complete a very long schooling process. 5.The schooling can last up to seven or eight years. Two years for your general education classes and about four years for your pharmacy studies. Some people get two degrees and will get the business administration too. When you complete the pharmacy school you still have to take a couple of test so you can work in this field. You have to pass the NAPLEX and a state test. (Pharmacist Bureau). To prepare yourself for college you can take all the math and science classes that are available. I’m planing on taking AP calculus and AP chemistry because they are great classes offered by our school. However, I’m debating on whether to take the AP chemistry or to take chemistry at the collage. I am leaning on going to the collage so I 'm going to get collage credit. If your thinking about going into the Pharmacy field you will need to know one very important thing about them. That is what they do? 3.Pharmacist usually fill prescriptions sent in by the doctors and have them ready to pick up by the people. Some pharmacist, like the supervisors or owners, will have to work…

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