Essay about Should We Show Emotion?

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In order to show emotion surely you must feel and have emotions, must you not? For instance, if you were to show empathy towards another human it would be declared that you can feel emotion as a consequence of having emotions, would it not? So why is this not that the case regarding animals’ emotions? As Flintoff states, animals show empathy, joy, fear, grief; the list is endless ‘they have a very rich ensemble of emotions’; why is this ignored by many? Out of convenience? Or perhaps because we are too close minded much like we were when we thought that ‘Africans or women had no soul’ or when we thought ‘babies [...] did not feel pain.’ ‘Even in humans it’s difficult to measure emotion’ but why have we ruled this out entirely for animals; do they have emotions or is it just a case of ‘imprinting’? The ‘process of learning identity is called ‘imprinting’ by animal behaviourists;’ ‘‘many scientists will tell you [...] imprinting lies behind’ interspecies co-operation and apparent animal emotions - but is this for your own interpretation? For example, Moko, a dolphin responsible for encouraging a mother and calf pygmy sperm whale back into deeper waters was said to have had ‘a case of mistaken identity’ rather than emotions; if that was the case, if Moko mistook herself as a pygmy sperm whale or the whales as dolphins, why would she have reason to encourage them back to safe waters? Manning writes ‘it appears to be an entirely selfless act’ suggesting she believes this but…

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