Should We Need A Vegetarian Diet For Your Body? Essay

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This for example means that some people can tolerate some diets more than others. However, it’s of a bad notion how people think that our responses differ in direction. For example some think they need a vegetarian diet or even other sources of nutritional requirements while others will need a diet from meat. The most popular opinion puts it clear that “everyone is different” and that one need to “find the right diet for your body”. This whole idea is not true to me. This is because human beings are all equal because they share same species. We all share same digestive system since we are same animal. By this am trying to mean that since we are all equal, one can chose to concentrate on the other sources of nutrients requirements. For example one does not have kill animals just to meet caloric needs. No, one can choose other variety of plant based foods which supplement the same needs in the bodies. Why should this the case? This is because animals have a right to live and enjoy life just like any other being. We should have in mind that a wide range of nutrients and actually a wide range of nutrients requirements are found much more in plants more than in the flesh. Note that the term “omnivorous” does not necessarilymean that one must eat flesh. It simply means that one is in a position to survive on both plant and animal products. Of the two, one is more potentially capable of surviving with plant diet more than eating animals.Did you know that if we avoided other…

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