Should Video Games Be Too Bad For Their Children? Essay examples

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Parents these days are worried about video games being too bad for their children because they think that they will corrupt their brains, but there are some positive sides to playing video games.
For example, if they are playing puzzle games it will help with problem solving, and logic in shooting games, it helps with hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills because they have to control where the person is headed, how to aim the gun at the targets and this process requires a great deal of eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial ability to be successful.
In strategy games, an unexpected surprise like an enemy might emerge this forces the player to be flexible and quickly change tactics.
Video games also work with Quick thinking, making fast analysis and decisions, etc many multiplayer games involve cooperation with other online players in order to win.
These games encourage players to make the most of their individual skills to contribute to the team video games introduce your child to computer technology and the online world.
You should recognize that we are now living in a high-tech, sophisticated world where video games make your child adapt and be comfortable with the concepts of computing.
Video games allow you and your child to play together and can be a good bonding activity and some games are attractive to children as well as adults, and they could be something that they share in common.
When your child knows how to play video games he can teach you…

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