Essay on Should There Be A Limit For The Progression Of Human Beings?

1405 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Should there be a limit to the progression of human beings? This question is complicated not only because it implies we will always progress, but also because it raises the question of whether or not we should limit that progression. The rate at which the human species has progressed and advanced within only 200 years is absolutely phenomenal. We constantly find ways to improve our lives, technology, and welfare. While this is only natural, there has to be a reason we have advanced so much and other species have not. The reason is because of our brain’s immense capability and capacity to adapt, improve, and create. Our brain is clearly the number one reason as to why we have advanced ourselves as humans. We use it to create new ideas, communicate, cooperate, and adapt, among many other things. Even though humans have almost always been divided (on some level) socially, whether it is by race, religion, gender, or wealth, it doesn’t change the fact that we all have a brain. All of us are capable of thought, and thought leads to new ideas, ideas that have never been thought of before. These unique ideas are what advance us socially and technologically. Even today, the world is divided by continent. Each continent (excluding Antarctica) is governed individually, separated by thousands of miles of ocean, each with their own individual history and antiquity, yet it is no harder than pressing enter on my keyboard to send a message that the entire world can see. Humans have…

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