Should The Government Change The Driving Age? Essay

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Mature or Responsible
“In Analysis: Should the Government Change the Driving Age” When you look around the world all you see is regulations after regulations. For a while the state wanted to put a curfew on the teenagers. Is there such a thing as freedom? Why does the government want to control and change things? Things are going well enough as they are, why change? Although there are pros to changing the driving age to eighteen, there are more pros to keeping it the same and not changing it because of a few car accidents. The first pro to keeping the driving age the same is that kids are already breaking the law. There are so many kids that drive to school every day that are under age. Sure some of those kids have farmer permits, but that means they can’t go anywhere from home, school, and work. That doesn’t necessarily mean they follow the rules and don’t go anywhere, like let’s say lunch during the week. Many people cruise main at night and you can bet that most of the teenagers are either fourteen or fifteen. Parents have to go to work and some are early so they make their kids drive to school. Well, if we change the age to eighteen then the kids will be illegally driving to school until halfway through their senior year of high school. That brings me to my next point. Kids need practice. If we change the driving age then kids won’t have enough time practicing and perfecting their driving skills. They want to change the age because of accidents. In my experience of…

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