Should Surgery Be The Doctors Fault? Essays

1543 Words Apr 6th, 2016 null Page
Ever go to the doctor and they tell you that you need surgery, but they don’t tell you the potential risk of having that surgery? Who is at fault here if the doctor fails to tell you the risk and the procedures? Would it be the doctors fault; would it be the patients fault or would it be both? Knowing the risk and procedure is very crucial information. You need to know everything about your procedure. Some people feel like the less they hear about their surgery the more they feel okay about it. If that is your case, make sure you sign the HIPPA form allowing the doctor to tell a family member or friend about your procedure. You do not want for no one to know. What would you do if after the surgery would were at home and something happened, but no one could help you because you did not find out the information about the procedure. Some people like to every detail about the procedure and then more. It is always best to be overly prepared then to not know enough. It is the doctors job to tell you everything about the procedure you are going to have. If your doctor fails to tell you that information, then you need to ask. It is also your job to make sure you do not leave the doctor’s office without knowing everything you need to about the surgery you are going to have. There have been many law suit cases taken out because of the doctor failing to explain what the risk are during and after the surgery. When the risk is not told the patients does not know what to do or how to take…

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