Case Study Of Complaint For The Bunion Case

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I went to go visit Judge Lippitt, she was in her chambers. I went to go ask her some questions, also about a few verdicts. The verdict for the bunion case of the doctor who was being sued for malpractice because the plaintiff claimed he took out too much bone was given to the plaintiff. The plaintiff did get less than they asked for, they wanted 250,000 ended up getting 150,000 plus 15,000 for future surgeries. I think the jury may have given her less because of the lack of demonstration of the impact the surgery results on her life. The plaintiff was still capable of doing most things, the impact of the badly done surgery was not shown to the fullest extent. The next verdict I found out about was the rent case, the verdict was also for plaintiff. …show more content…
This case involved the plaintiff suing a doctor because they didn’t tell her that her baby had down syndrome. This case was what Judge Kaddo called it a wrongful life case. The plaintiff had only visited the doctor(defendant) twice. The defendant’s counsel was claiming the test done was legitimate. One of the issues in the case was that the mom was already at an older age to have a baby, they did the test and things were read as normal. Plaintiff is of course saying that the doctor neglected to tell her. The plaintiff was asking for a lot of money because her expert claimed there is a risk of seizures for the child. Further, the plaintiff wanted the money to take care of the child and place it in a group home. The defendant even though she was a doctor she did not go to work everyday. The defendant’s counsel was during the trial trying to prove that the plaintiff knew something went wrong because she had scheduled an abortion appointment, but never went. The baby is now three she also has a younger child who is fine. The plaintiff because she was older did receive the pamphlet with risk and test information. The plaintiff did not do the test with the big needle, the one that actually takes a blood sample from the baby, it does opens up risks like miscarriage. It was the plaintiffs turn for closing, he was claiming that the doctor also did not tell them about the options in testing. He also says the

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