Should Students Have Enough Pressure? Essay examples

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Gonging to an outstanding college is always the symbol of an excellent student, nevertheless, attending a famous college is never an easy thing for many students. High school students have to keep high GPA, finish a great deal of homework, and do well in different kinds of standardized tests. Therefore, high school students are always supposed to be the group of people who suffer great pressure. For many years, students, parents and teachers have discussed whether students have suffered too much pressure over and over again. Student’s pressure is so important, which influences both students’ health and performance a lot. As far as I am concerned, there should be more pressure to teenagers to go to college, because pressure is what students give themselves, homework doesn’t give enough pressure to students and students have to prepare to face greater pressure in colleges. First of all, students’ pressure is from themselves radically, which is the significant fact that we have to admit before we explore whether students have enough pressure. However, those people, who believe high students have too much pressure, states that “many students are only stressed about these things because they internalize pressures from parents, teachers, and peers.” (Ossola) I totally disagree with their viewpoints for it misinterprets and ignores the facts, in other words, I insist that students’ pressure is from themselves thoroughly. For instance, a tiring student gets pressure to go to…

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