Should Student Athletes Be Paid? Essay

807 Words Apr 6th, 2016 4 Pages
The NCAA currently debates that student athletes should be compensated for everything they do. There are not a lot of high school athletes that can’t even make it to the NCAA, but for those who don’t realize how much they get involved in. Although the debate is currently balanced on both sides, it is not ethical to pay student athletes. For a division I athlete, they are clearly already getting a full ride leaving with a college degree and no debt. Why should they be paid more? One clear reason that it is not ethically right is the title IX situation, another would be the benefit compared to the cost. Along of with Title IX, discrimination through out the team. For example, how would you pay each player? Would you pay by starting verse not starting? What about those who don’t get equally playing time. Title IX states that no person in the US should be excluded from participation, be denied benefits, or subjected to discrimination under any program that receives Federal financial assistance, based on sex (Title IX and Sex Discrimination). It is obvious that there is not a budget to fill the student athlete’s request but it would also not be ethical. . In the article there is discussion of rewarding football and basketball players because they bring the highest income in. Although that is true Title IX shoes that there cannot be sex discrimination. So if you’re paying the men’s team, you have to pay the women’s teams. But then some of the other men’s team will say they are…

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