Essay about Should Sports Gambling Be Legalized?

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According to Brian Kongsvik, help-line director for the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, only 5% of their callers are sports gamblers. Clearly, the vast majority of sports gamblers don’t end up pathologically addicted, but when it happens, it can be one of the most devastating forms of gambling. According to Brian Kongsvik, sports gamblers represent 56% of their callers with gambling debts over $90,000. That’s why it is critically important for sports gambling to be fully legalized. Yes, that may seem counterintuitive at first, but the vast majority of people are hesitant to ask for help when they’re involved with illegal and stigmatized activity. In addition, legalization will open the door for more harm reduction efforts. For example, the legal sports gambling industry could have the same regulations that Internet poker lobbyists have suggested for their industry, including blocking credit cards and forcing customers to pay with cash or debit cards.
Everyone betting with an illegal bookmaker is doing so with a credit line. To repeat, everyone betting with a bookie is doing so on credit. That one factor is entirely critical for evaluating this issue. Credit wagering is a terribly risky venture as no one places a bet with the expectation of losing. Therefore, those parameters facilitate problem gambling. Albeit, a reputable bookie won’t give someone an unrealistic amount of credit because they wouldn’t be able to collect. However, bookies connected with the mafia are…

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