Should Smoking Be Outlawed? Essay

1291 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Imagine you 're going to the doctors with chest pains and you expect nothing more than a cold. You were shocked when the doctor tells you, you have lung cancer because of a nasty habit you have, Smoking cigarettes. Should smoking cigarettes be outlawed? For many reasons, yes cigarettes should be outlawed. I believe that smoking cigarettes should be outlawed. I am sure with the many advertising that we have come across today, it is not hard to figure out that smoking causes cancer. In this paper we are going to talk about Some of the stuff that advertising does not tell you, the other diseases and medical problems you can contract from smoking. I believe that smoking cigarettes causes many health problems in many different ways. A way to keep yourself healthy is to not smoke, exercise, and eat healthy foods to live a long happy life.
Although I believe that smoking Cigarettes should be outlawed, many people believe that smoking Cigarettes should not be outlawed. There has been studies that proves that Smoking Cigarettes lowers risk of knee-replacement surgery. Smoking Cigarettes also lowers the risk of obesity. Also Many of us not only do not know how to relax, but do not take time to learn. Smoking helps us to relax because, like music, it is rhythmic(25 Health Risks of Smoking). Although there has been these studies, the bad reasons overpower the good reasons to smoke. Although smoking cigarettes can help and decrease some diseases, there are diseases that you contract…

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