Essay on Should Sex Education Be Taught

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Should sex education be taught comprehensively in public schools? The idea of teaching sex education as a whole has been a continuous debate since the 1960’s. “But, as early as 1912, the National Education Association required teachers to be trained in sexuality education” (Pardini 1). Some argue it should not be taught in schools at all or it should only be taught in the privacy of a parent’s home. Well, explain why “nearly 10,000 young people (aged 13-24) were diagnosed with HIV infection in the United States in 2013 and approximately 273,000 babies were born to teen girls aged 15–19 years in 2013” (CDC 1)? So, are parents not enforcing safe sex in their homes as much as they should? Some parents neglect the responsibility of teaching their children about the issue altogether because they find it embarrassing and/or uncomfortable. I feel as though schools have the resources and teachers have the knowledge to teach students about not only “abstinence sex”, but also how to practice safe sex. Therefore, sex education should be increased in high schools. The responsibility of a parent is to make sure they are giving their child what they feel is the best in life. It is a parent’s responsibility to give their child a stable home environment; this includes food, shelter, and a roof over their heads. Also, it is their responsibility to make sure their child is healthy. When that child reaches school age, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their child gets the…

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