Essay on Should Sex Education Be Taught?

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Sex Education in Schools Schools should teach sex education because telling kids to wait is ineffective. 88% of students who take the pledge to wait until marriage have sex beforehand. Studies show pledge-takers are less likely to use contraception (Karimi 3). Some abstinence-only programs cause a negative impact on the use of contraception (“Truth” 2). Since they are pledge takers and did not learn the risks, they do not know how to protect themselves. For example, pledgers are less likely to use a condom; therefore, they are more likely to get an STD. They also are less likely to get an STD testing and diagnoses. As a matter of fact, one third of pledge takers use a condom (“Truth” 3). Another reason abstinence-only programs are ineffective is because it only focuses on the negatives of sex and will not prepare kids enough when the time comes. It also seems to tell student false facts. Such as, women who decide to do an abortion are more likely to commit suicide, or women can become sterile after giving an abortion (“Truth” 4). In fact, 38 states by law the information the school gives the students but have to be medically accurate (Rawley 2). Withholding information can cause a big problem if not taught how to protect themselves correctly (Parker 3). Most schools that support abstinence-only do not teach it because they do not want to. Instead, schools encourage abstinence-only for politics, and so parents will not take offense to anything they say while teaching sex…

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