Should Security Be Enforced? Security Guards? Essay

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Ever been to an event where security was enforced? Security guards did their best

to make sure no foreign bodies would enter or things that could cause harm to everyone.

That’s exactly what a kidney is, a security guard. It protects your body from bad things

and removes them before damage is done. The role of the kidneys in the body is for them

to filter the blood within the body. The kidneys remove wastes, control the body 's fluid

balance, and regulate the balance of electrolytes (Rinaldo Bellomo). The wastes and extra

fluids that come from the blood are then, turned into urine to exit the body. Kidneys

begin to fail when wastes and other foreign bodies build up which can cause weakness,

shortness of breath, etc.

The two most common things that cause kidneys to fail are diabetes and

hypertension. It is known that diabetes prohibits your body from using sugar intake

properly and because of this excess sugar; it causes the sugar to act as a poison in which

the kidneys are then distorted. However, with diabetic renal failure, if you maintain low

blood sugar levels, you are able to escape the symptoms of renal failure. Kidney failure

caused by hypertension can be stemmed from several things like inherent high blood

pressure, obesity, etc. Depending on how high or low the blood pressure is maintained at,

could cause digress to just taking blood pressure medications to progressing to become

acute or chronic renal failure.

As far as symptoms…

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