Essay about Should Schools Be More Sex Education?

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One in four college students has an STD. Some of these STDs are curable, however, many are not, and one will live with it for the rest of their lives. Overall, the CDC estimates the 19 million new sexually transmitted infections occurs each year (10 Truly Shocking Stats On STDs and College Students, 2015). Schools should have more sex education. The reasons to why is because there are a lot of teens are getting pregnant, STDs, and STIs. Students need information about in order to make choices, understand the risks, and see the long-term consequences of it.
Peer pressure is not something easy to deal with. Now and days peer pressure is like a trend in society. Peer pressure can come to you in a variety of ways. It can come from social media and even your friends. Say that you 're at a party and you decide to try out a drug. Now you’re under the influence of that drug, easy to be manipulated. Anyone can take that time to take advantage of you because of your limited actions. This altercation is called peer pressure. Your friends can influence you to have sex by boosting your head up with a lot of fantasies. Telling you about their experiences, could boost your mindset and give you the urge to try it. Not everyone is “doing it,” it is important to realize that this is not true (Peer Pressure 2015). Movies, Tv shows, magazines and even commercials can persuade you into sex. Like the movie American Pie, it vowed you to lose you virginity on prom night (Practice Abstinence 2015).…

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