Should School Years For American Youth? Essay

798 Words Dec 8th, 2014 4 Pages
This essay deals with the subject of longer school years for American youth and how these would benefit children in the future. Research for this essay was located through the South Texas College online library databases and other online sources.

Longer School Years for American Youth
Lately there has been more and more debate over whether or not American children should have a longer school year. This would mean taking a month from summer vacation. It is controversial because some argue that it would take away from family time and that school districts simply cannot afford to do it. Although most children would prefer more vacation time, a longer school year would greatly benefit them in the future.
A longer school year will teach children discipline and responsibility. A two month break from school is too long. According to Marketwired, during summer kids spend 65% their free time playing and watching TV rather than reading or other educational activities (2014). During this time kids also lose all sense of responsibility. Kids do not take school seriously after such a break and forget a lot of what they learned the year before. Harris Cooper, a notable education specialist from Duke University, has argued that "tests given to kids in the spring and fall show [that] children generally slide in math and reading during the traditional summer break lasting up to 12 weeks." (O’Sullivan, 2013) Long breaks make kids lazy and are a waste of time. Today’s youth…

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