Should School Uniforms Be Required Public Schools? Essay

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Think about the way you dress and what your ‘style’ says about you. Now take a second and think about how the typical middle or high school student dresses. Usually, from what I have found, their way of dress is inappropriate for their age group. They are trying to stay up on the latest fashion trends and impress their peers by what they wear. Then there are the not-so-typical teenagers, who dress, as we like to say ‘differently’: Goth, Emo, Punk Rock, etc. All of these teenagers identify who they are with their clothing. But it is the clothing that gives the first impression on everyone in the world. Their clothing is what their student peers are looking at and are automatically judging them for. In respect to the fact that there are many people who look at school uniforms as a violation to a students freedom of expression, uniforms should be required in all public schools because they allow students to discover their identity in ways other than their clothing, they will help with confidence in appearance and uniforms teach them to begin dressing ‘for the future’.
The requirement of uniforms takes away the students ability to make clothing their sole creative outlet or identity. Now this sounds cruel, and too many people it is a violation of ‘freedom of expression’. I do not disagree with this perception, but I do think children should have another way to discover and express themselves while at school. Many students use their clothing and accessories as a way to be…

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