Should School Uniforms Be Allowed? Essay

848 Words Dec 10th, 2016 4 Pages
The number of schools requiring students to wear school uniforms has been on the rise for the past couple of years. At public schools in the US, one out of every five has reported that students are required to wear uniforms from 2013-2014, as compared with one in eight requiring uniforms from 2003-2004. And with the rise in this school policy, so follows the continuation of the debate on whether kids should or should not be required to wear uniforms. Personally, I firmly believe that children should not be forced to wear uniforms because I feel that parents should be allowed to chose what their child wears, and school uniforms rob students of their individuality. However, while researching the topic, I found some information that while possibly weakening the argument should definitely be considered.
I believe parents should be allowed to determine what their child wears, and that it is not up to the government to decide how they dress their children. The same view is held and expressed by Richard Dashkovitz, one of the founders of the Wilson County (LA) Parents Coalition. As he stated, “It’s time we let the government know we are fed up with this. Quit dictating to us what my child should wear”. As the people who are raising and providing for the children of America, it is ultimately the parent’s say on what their child wears to school. Additionally, aside from taking away people 's’ freedom as a parent, school uniform policies also create a burden for some families in…

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