Essay about Should School Be Mandatory?

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: Over many years vaccines have prevented countless cases of diseases and saved millions of lives but what about the health to an individual’s body? Some people feel that vaccinations are perfectly safe, while others feel that they pose health risks. There are several reasons as to why people choose to vaccinate or not and it’s mainly because of the fact that they either prevent and/ or treat a disease after it occurs. “The debate over whether to choose to vaccinate or not should be a right, whether exemptions from vaccinations should be allowed, and whether vaccinations of healthcare workers should be mandatory and as well as vaccinations to adolescence” (Espejo 20). Overall there are a wide range of opinions on this single controversial topic. The biggest answer to whether or not immunizations should be mandatory is the big word “fear”. The risk a person is taking is also another factor to the debate and the testing on the drug or medicine itself also concerns many individuals. The controversy is more so over the outcome of taking it vs. not taking it and how some people are affected and others aren’t. Children and parents are the most targeted for this topic because children are the ones who are more prone to diseases and germs at an earlier age and parents are the ones who make decisions for them. Therefore, many parents feel pride for their rights and their opinions and decide based on their beliefs of course. Should vaccinations be…

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