Should Rehabilitation Be Imprisoned Or Put Into Rehabilitation?

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There are many factors to consider when deciding if a criminal should be incarcerated or put into rehabilitation. These factors would be their criminal history, their willingness to change, and what course of action best fits the crime. I believe rehabilitation can be more economical the prison because if they go back to being a functioning member of society than they will be giving back to society via their purchases and taxes, unlike prison where they take tax payer money with no way of returning it. Rehabilitation is the best option as it eradicates the problem from the root preventing the offender from committing another crime, it helps the criminal become a functioning member of society and is more economical than prison. There are two reasons incarceration can be useful, when wanting to remove a dangerous person from society and as a form of deterrence against committing crime. Some crimes are serious enough that prison is the only option, like murder or child molesters. It also works well for a person who has committed a crime several times or does not seem willing to go through rehabilitation. I feel incarceration is also a good deterrence in two different scenarios. The first scenario would be preventing someone from committing crime. We have seen this with the scared straight show we watched and discussed in class. The second scenario would be like it was mentioned in class how they were sentenced for two years but were let out after 5 months and were so grateful…

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