Should Prostitution Be The Best Option For The People? Essay

2007 Words May 22nd, 2016 9 Pages
Prostitution is the sell of sexual activity with a group or individual in exchange for some type of payment. The demand for sexual alleviation for the ones who are lonely and wanting affection causes controversy amongst those against the solicitation of sex. Many will say it doesn’t harm anyone but others will argue it promotes sex trafficking. Although prostitution is defined as a consensual act it always doesn’t happen that way, this is what essentially causes the squabble around this topic. America has tried to solve this issue by deeming this act illegal except in eleven rural counties in Nevada while other countries have fixed the issue in their own unique way. But will keeping prostitution illegal be the best option for the people in that line of work? All of this research ultimately leads us to the ultimate question of, should we not only legalize prostitution but also decriminalize it as well in America? The origin of prostitution dates back as early as 2400 BC in the Sumerian world. In some instances people like to call it the oldest profession although that might not be a factual statement. Different societies from all time eras have had different outlooks on sex solicitation. During the time of 1075 BC, The Code of Assura was an Assyrian law that stated that prostitutes were to differentiate themselves from other women in the way they were clothed as they were lower than them, whereas in 600 BC brothels were legal in China due to Chinese customs. In 180 BC…

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