Essay about Should Prisoners Be Allowed For An Organ Transplant?

1616 Words Mar 9th, 2015 7 Pages
Prisoners as Organ Donors Each day, in the United States, 123,956 people are waiting for an organ donor. According to Becoming a Donor, 18 of those people die each day waiting for an organ donor that is not found in time. 1 donor can save 8 lives and change many more ( There is great controversy on whether or not inmates should be allowed to be organ donors. My goal with this essay is to make everyone aware of the number of people who await an organ transplant and how allowing inmates to donate could relieve some of this burden. I believe inmates should be allowed to donate their organs, if they wish to be an organ donor. Each day, in the United States, there are thousands and thousands of people waiting for an organ transplant. A death row inmate who decides, upon his execution, to be an organ donor can save up to 8 lives with his organs, and change many more lives with tissues, bone marrow, and other donations. Inmates can also be living donors. If an inmate has a family member that needs a kidney and he is a match, I feel he should be able to donate. I do not think any inmate who decides to donate should be given compensation in any form. Donations should happen because the inmate wants to help another person, not because they want a reduced sentence, notoriety, or financial compensation. In order for people to accept the idea of prisoner’s being allowed to become organ donors, they must first understand how great the need is for organ donors. In the…

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