Essay about Should Police Wear Body Cameras?

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Should police wear body cameras?
Should body cameras be mandatory within the police force? “And following Brown 's death, Missouri Rep. Courtney Curtis penned a letter to Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and other officials urging her to "require St. Louis County, City and Ferguson police officers to wear cameras and record any interaction with the public at all times.” (Fieldstadt) “They also said body cameras improved evidence collection, and helped them more accurately recollect events and fill out reports.” (Nick Wing) This shows that the recording would be more accurate. There should be police that wear body cameras because it will help a lot of cases like Ferguson. There would not be riots if they know what really happened when they look at the recording. Even though some will think that body cameras will impact other people’s privacy, I believe that police wearing body cameras will Improve their behaviors, give video evidence and strengthen trust.
Police officers should wear body cameras because it improves their behaviors, they will be less abusive. It reduces abusive behaviors like using tight handcuffs, slamming people’s faces on the ground or being thrown to the ground. It will stop them from using violence against teens which is happening a lot today. “A 2013 University of Cambridge study found that when police wear body cameras, both police and respondents are less likely to use violence” (Baum) This shows that they should wear body cameras because they will…

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