Should Police Wear Body Cameras? Essay

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Should Police Wear Body Cameras?
In every country in the world which has a Government, there is police department in it. The police department play a significant role in the implementation of the constitution. Police officers protect the lives and the properties of the citizens. The police department is responsible for enforcing laws, rulings, and regulations meant to protect the citizens, maintain order and deal with lawbreakers. Police related professionals include guards, fire marshals, correctional officers, and inspectors. There are many responsibilities for the police officers depending on the structure and the scope of the community they serve. If there are no police that means, there is peace. Since, police are the back porn of our society, we should fully equip our law enforcements. Body-worn cameras are part of the equipment that police officers need to give efficient service to their citizens. The body cameras are small device that are worn on the chest by the law enforcements to record citizen-police encounters, crime scenes, and accidents. The purpose it to increase both citizens and the police officers’ accountabilities. In the late 2014 president Barack Obama requested the white house to fund a project of equipping the police officers with body-worn cameras. Although there is number of oppositions against the body cameras, still we need for the reform of our policing system.
One argued point against police wearing…

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