Essay on Should Police For Wear Body Cameras?

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Should Police be required to Wear Body Cameras?
For years, we have been allowing countless members of the nation 's police forces to commit crimes against civilians without being reprimanded. “Most of the time, prosecutors don’t press charges against police — even if there are strong suspicions that an officer has committed a crime. Prosecutors interviewed for this report say it takes compelling proof that at the time of the shooting the victim posed no threat either to the officer or to bystanders” (Kimberly Story).
One of the most famous cases of police brutality in recent years is Eric Garner. He was selling cigarettes when he was put into a chokehold by police and subsequently died in 2014. Despite the use of excessive force by the police officers present, no one was charged with his death. A month later after the death of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, an unarmed teen, was shot by police. An officer has yet to be charged for his death. Every incident that occurs between police and civilians does not always result in an indictment or acquittal for the officer(s) involved. In fact, when an incident calls for one, it hardly ever happens. This is a well-known fact among the nation’s police officers. The issue boils down to whether we will continue to allow police to have a sense of comfortability when they do commit crimes. Not only that, we need to find a way to dispute accounts of police brutality when they do happen.
The answer to this is requiring police to wear body…

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