Essay on Should Parents Be Safe Sex?

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“What is sex?” an innocent child would ask their parents. Most American parents would not like to discuss that topic with their children and rather let the schools or program teach it to them. Meanwhile in Europe, parents discuss the importance of having safe sex. They would provide a one-on-one discussion about sex to their children at a young age. While American parents would not have the “talk” to their children until they are teenager. Therefore, Americans should at least follow the European value of parents teaching sex to their young children in order for them to have a strong communication, preventing them to gain unreliable sources, and knowing the consequence.
Knowing the consequence of having sex can maintain STDs free and would be protected. When a child who had a parental guidance, discuss with them about, “sex, birth control, and the dangers of STDs were two times more likely to use condoms [unlike the] teens who did not talk to their parents as often" (Whittaker, Alicia). This shows that with the parent’s advice, they can have safer sex and cannot transfer any sexual infections to anyone. The children would create a healthy relationship with their partners since they are STD free. However, parents should not force the child to not have sex while giving them the “talk”. This can result the children to not listen to the parent since it will seem as a harsh lecture rather than a lesson. In the article, “Teach Us About Family Value”, Jenny Hope interviewed 2,036…

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