Should Organ Donation Be Mandatory Essay

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Cindy Sanchez
College Comp II
P. Jones-Lewis
Against mandatory organ donation

Organ donation provides a second chance at life for thousands of people. People often believe that organ donation should be mandatory for everyone, once they die. Sounds a bit outrageous, and people always seem to argue about the issue as side from organ donation already. I believe it is absurd to violate ones’ freedom, it’s unethical and religious beliefs discourage it. Firstly, many people do believe that organ donating is the right thing to do. The keyword is donate, and much respect to those who are organ donors. But making organ donations mandatory can be quite upsetting to others. The government cannot be in control of our bodies after death. It would feel as invasion of privacy, due to the fact that the government wants to take a hold of your ‘personal’ belongings. Journalist Scott Carney once stated, “Setting up a mandatory system of organ donation would undoubtedly stir protests from around the country.” Therefore, I believe the government should think twice before giving the issue a definite yes, and save itself from a controversial issue. In addition, making organ donation mandatory is unethical. People have the right to make their own decisions after death. Also the cadaver’s family who’s grieving, should have a voice whether to not the organs should be donated. It is all about respect in which mandatory organ donation will scare everyone off their feet. It should be their own personal choice with what they would want for their body. People should follow their orders and proceed to a proper
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