Essay on Should Older Prisoners Require More Attention?

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Not only do older prisoners require more attention, but they also need more medical services, welfare, treatment, and more. In prisons, “prisoners tend to experience accelerated aging, causing them to have health issues that usually happen to ages higher than they currently are, meaning they may be 55, but might be suffering from health issues of 65 year olds” (Kim, KiDuek). So because of accelerated aging, prisoners are aging faster than someone outside of prison. This cause more problem as health issue is showing up in 55 year olds that normally show up in 65 year olds. In fact “older prisoners are more likely than younger ones to develop mobility impairments, hearing and vision loss, and cognitive limitation” (Human Rights Watch). Problems like these make it difficult for older prisoners live their daily lives and would soon make younger prisoners, with longer sentences, lives with these difficulties. Plus for some prisoners "walking a long distance to the dining hall, climbing up to a top bunk, or standing for count can be virtually impossible for some older prisoners”(CNN)

As the geriatric population is quickly growing and the higher medicals, prisons have to spend more money on their medical needs. It is increasingly costly for correctional systems to respond to the needs of their growing geriatric populations, including their need for medical and mental health care (Human Rights Watch). Since health care is not cheap, prisons have to spend loads of money on their…

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