Should Music Therapy Be Effective? Essay

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While music therapy has been proven to be effective, there are certain parameters in which therapy is more successful to target symptoms of agitation in these patients. Yu-Shiun et al. (2015) determined that for music therapy to be effective it had to be delivered at least twice a week. It was also identified that this intervention had a stronger effect in patients with milder symptoms of dementia, as opposed to those with a more progressed form of the disease (p. 1036). In addition, group music therapy tended to be more effective than individualized music therapy, perhaps due to a sense of comradery felt between participants (Yu-Shiun et al., 2015, p. 3434). However, the therapy may be more beneficial if the music itself is individualized to the patient preference in terms of genre or type of music selected.
According to many researchers, music therapy does, in fact, have a positive effect on reducing various aspects of dementia signs and symptoms, including agitation, but what does this mean for nurses and nursing care? Ridder et al (2013) discovered that the amount of prescription medications commonly used to treat symptoms of dementia were not increased during music therapy; however, the medications were increased for the control participants who only received standard care (p. 675). This finding illustrates that implementing music therapy within health care settings may lead to a decrease in polypharmacy, as well as a subsequent decrease in the adverse effects of…

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