Should Middle School Students Be Drug Tested Essay

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There were 7.5% of children aged 12 or older using marijuana in 2007. There were 1.5 million teens 12 and older using cocaine in 2013. Alcohol, marijuana, cough medicines, and prescription drugs are the most commonly abused substance used. Many people think that middle school students shouldn’t be drug tested because they might not be doing drugs. Middle school students should be drug tested because (1)drugs messes up your brain,(2)you can become depressed, and (3)there is a risk that they might become addicted. Middle school students should be drug tested because drugs messes up your brain. Drug testing middle school student is a good idea because it is good a way to find out whether the child is doing drugs before it’s too late. Doing drugs messes up your brain. Messing around with any type of drugs messes up your brain. Drugs can affect you before you can even realize it. Drugs can change how you think,feel act and sometimes how you talk.The top ranked drug that does damage to the brain is Methamphetamine. …show more content…
Drug testing middle school students should be done, but not just drug testing middle school students should be done, drug testing all teens should be required. Many people disagree about middle school students being drug tested because they feel as if they wouldn't be doing drug. Well I think drug testing them should be done because drugs can easily lead to depression, and depression can lead to bigger and more serious things,for example suicidal thoughts.Someone stated, “It happens, and can even lead to thoughts of suicide.” According to this piece of textual evidence it is explain that drugs can leave you down and depress to where you get to the stage of thinking of suicidal actions. This is another reason why students/teens should be drug tested so that they won't be lead in the direction of suicide actions by the drugs they are involved

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