Essay on Should Marijuana Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

1138 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
Writing is a recursive process that takes time and effort on my part. It means writing your first draft, checking it for grammatical errors, quotations, citations, and punctuation. The second draft is cleaner than the first but often isn 't the final draft. I usually set my second draft sit for a day or so then take another look at it with a fresher eye. Now I have a good working draft; I usually ask a peer to either listen to it or read it over themselves. Working with a peer allows me to check for flow, and I get feedback on areas that don 't flow smoothly. The final step I take is to run all my writing through Grammarly to check for plagiarism, improve vocabulary and avoid passive voice. I had the opportunity to write about my gastroparesis in the Narrative assignment. The argumentative essay gave me the opportunity to support a controversial topic and give reasons why America should legalize medical marijuana. However, several of the assignments were laid out for me, writing the synopsis of The Kite Runner, citing and annotating the article required a different style of writing and gave no room for personal feelings or experiences. I didn 't follow the directions for the citing and annotation paper; I included facts that were not in the paper. This paper is a reflective paper on how I learned and what I learned this semester in English. I have to take an honest, objective look at my work and ask myself where I was weak and what improvements I can make in the…

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