Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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There is a dichotomy when it comes to the legality of marijuana usage in America. On the federal level, marijuana is in the same category as other dangerous drugs like heroine (Schedule I), thus highly illegal. In contrast, small number of states has moved to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults (even more for medical marijuana). California has just joined pro-marijuana group via the recent passage of Proposition 64. Before the vote, plenty of Californians argued against or in favor of recreational marijuana usage. This paper will proceed to analyze the arguments made by the proponents of Prop 64.
One of the prominent proponents of Prop 64 is the group Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform. According to the group, via Prop 64’s fifteen percent excise tax, annual revenue may eventually exceed one billion dollar on an annual basis (_____). They also claim an annual saving of one hundred million dollar via reduced legal and incarceration costs (____). The group is essentially arguing for the passage of Prop 64 from an economic standpoint. No doubt, if their claims are accurate, California stands to lose a lot financially if Prop 64 fails to pass. This is more so the case when another group called the Marijuana Policy Project writes “In 2015, Colorado collected over $135 million in fees and taxes from marijuana businesses” (_____) and “Washington generated more than $210 million in excise taxes in the past year and a half” (_____). Simply put, because…

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