Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1025 Words Mar 12th, 2015 null Page
Many people are curious about trying drugs and experiencing their effects; as a result, some people decide to give in to this curiosity and experiment with drugs, and many of these “experimenters” become “hooked” or addicted. However, a large number of people abstain from drug use because they fear the consequences of imprisonment and addiction. Legalizing drugs will doubtlessly generate more drug users because many people will likely try drugs in curiosity and become addicts, just as people do with cigarettes. Many people who are addicted to drugs crave them every hour of the day and use them while participating in activities that require caution, such as driving, and chose not to quit when they become pregnant, which causes infants to be born with abhorring birth defects. Alcohol use also causes automobile accidents, deaths from overdose, and birth defects. Although many people argue that some recreational drugs, including marijuana, are less detrimental to long-term health than liquor, the problem is that society cannot afford the legalization of recreational drugs and alcohol.; Therefore America should not throw out the white flag and surrender to the “war” on the sale and use of recreational drugs. Although there are some people who will continue to use or sell drugs if they are illegal or legal, the threat of being imprisoned prevents many people from “trying” drugs. If America legalized drugs, more people would use or experiment, just as they do with alcohol. For…

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