Legalization: The Side Effects Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana is the most used illicit psychoactive drug ” (Cerda, Wall, Keyes, Galea, & Hasin, 2012. pg.1). For some, the states that have already legalized marijuana, the use of marijuana has gone up. However, for the others the increase correlates with it being legal and makes sense. The opponents of legalization will point to these statistics as prove it should not be legalized but for individuals who want to consume cannabis instead of alcohol should have the right. During Prohibition, alcohol was treated as if cannabis is now and they found that when the government is regulating the sale of anything it usually is effective. Marijuana should be legalized to improve medical complaints, improve legal issues, and because of the lack of negative side effects.

Marijuana, cannabis, has been used as a drug for such medical treatments as Cancer, Depression, HIV-Aids, and many other ailments. One of the most common uses of cannabis is for pain because it alleviates it without placing harmful toxins within the body. It gives a euphoric sensation as if nothing else matters (St Clair, 2015) and allows you to heal without suffering. The consumption
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Oxycodone and Heroin are so addictive that for some one try is all it takes for them to “need” more. The only problem with this Oxycodone is a legal narcotic and is often prescribed by any physician or their assistant. Heroin is of course illegal but just as addictive but is bought from any street dealer. The one negative side effect is after many years of use the mental faculties do diminish and the user shows signs of Alzheimer’s disease but it was reversed by removing the cannabis from the body through abstinence for a minimum of 28 days. After the user showed no sign of impairment and was able to engage with others as if never on

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