Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1056 Words Dec 9th, 2015 5 Pages
Legalizing recreational marijuana has been a major issue in society for several years and now few states, such as Colorado has legalized it; marijuana legalization has showed the positive effects to their communities. Marijuana legalization sometimes is not accepted for recreational use meaning used for daily desires without medical justification. California is now put in a tough situation on the debate if recreational marijuana should be legalized, California voters should take into consideration all the positive benefits it can bring to the states. Legalizing marijuana can be financially beneficial to the government, decrease imprisonment due to marijuana and reduce the crime rates that are said to be caused by the influence of marijuana. Legalizing recreational marijuana can benefit the government financially because marijuana will be regulated and monitored by the government. So, with the black markets gone the government will receive the money paid for marijuana. According to an article by Divya Raghavan, she states that across the U.S. states could gain just over three billion in tax revenue from legal marijuana sales. Divya article also states that California will gain the most from taxes on marijuana almost about $519,287,052 a year. With Colorado’s legalization, we have proof that marijuana can benefit the government and Divya 's article provides proof by including the tax dollars Colorado collected the first six months it was legalized, which was…

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