Essay On Why Don T We Legalize The Use Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is a misunderstood substance. Many believe the usage of weed, hemp, or cannabis is a dangerous choice, but it 's the total opposite. So why is the legalization of marijuana in Arkansas such a problem? Both Colorado and Oregon are two states in America who have legalized marijuana. The crime rate has gone down; however, finances have gone up for both Colorado and Oregon. So I ask again, why don 't we legalize marijuana in the state of Arkansas for medical use, economical use, and recreational use?
In the first place, Arkansas should legalize the usage of medical marijuana because researchers have proven that it helps cancer patients. Cancer is an awful disease that destroys families and kills those who have it, the
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Legalizing marijuana in Arkansas gives the citizens more of a job opportunity. For instance, we need people who can grow marijuana, know how to sell it like a pharmacist, and construction workers to build the buildings to contain marijuana. There are many different types of jobs that the legalization of marijuana could bring to the state of Arkansas. With all these new job opportunities, Arkansas will no longer have the title as the poorest state in the United States. Legalizing marijuana in Arkansas will also give small town places like Mena, Arkansas more money to build more buildings like a small strip malls or a water park to give the people who do live here a variety of activities to do instead of having to drive hours away to get or do what they …show more content…
Recreational use of marijuana can help Arkansas by making the state stand up for its name, the natural state, by using hemp to make clothing, buildings, and fueling cars. Having a naturally growing plant that can potentially make buildings, fueling cars, and can smoke it to better our health is quite impressive. Also, marijuana is great for our environment which is a win for everyone. On Auburn University 's web page Brian S. Julin said, "The fiber (bast) of the hemp plant can be woven into almost any kind of cloth" (Julin). Meaning people who make clothes can not only use cotton, but marijuana as well. Though making clothes out of hemp is not as soft as cotton, clothing made out of marijuana tends to be more durable and has a longer lasting effect than cotton does. Another way weed can help Arkansas when dealing with recreational usage is by having the weed to help make buildings. Julin also said, "The French archeologists have discovered bridges built with a process that mineralized hemp stalks into a long-lasting cement"

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